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Team of 15+ experts

10+ yrs of experienced as web developers

Worked for 50+ websites

Web Designers

Team of 10+ experts

10+ yrs of experienced as web developers

Worked for 50+ websites

Logo Designers

Team of 10+ experts

Average 8+ yrs of experienced

Designed 500+ logos

App Developers

Team of 5+ experts

Average 8+ yrs of experienced

Developed 5 android apps

Digital Marketing Specialists

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Worked on 50+ brands

SEO Specialists

Team of 10+ experts

Average 12+ yrs of experienced

Worked on 300+ websites (National & International)

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Ventures that provide services related to digital platforms, consider transforming their current client base into successful businesses to be of supreme importance. To achieve that, an effective e-commerce website development is imperative to not only drive business but ensure faster growth. With the world shifting to online shopping for products and services, it is necessary to have a high-performing e-commerce website design. This is where Fastinfo Hub steps in and assists you in taking your business online, providing the required support to connect with B2B and B2C customers. Our offerings include developing shopping carts online from varied CMS options or substantial custom programming.
A well-structured and interactive web application enhances the user engagement on a digital platform and helps in bringing better and much more business leads. Fastinfo Hub provides you with one of the best web application development teams to make the best web applications for bringing in better results for your business-oriented approach. The completely responsive web application development provides a continuous and omni-present characteristics in terms of cross- device appearance using the up-to-date UI/UX, databases and frameworks.
As a budding entrepreneur, we often face difficulties in designing a business website. Here, the industry-best web developers facilitate the new-age business personnel with 360° web development traits. Backed by the thorough market research and analysis, we first create a strategic plan and then proceed to the website development stage to meet every aspects of the business requirement of the ventures.
In the competitive modern times, a business needs to have an impressive corporate website design to succeed that showcases an easy UI or User Interface, Smooth Accessibility, and not to forget a refined sense of Professionalism. Fastinfo Hub, a name considered to be one of the most reliable web development agencies in the country, offers you a committed team to configure corporate website development that not only meet your business needs, but also exceed them. Our gamut of services also includes well-constructed communication works that guarantee high performance and quality business turnaround within a suitable timeline.

Our Web Development Process

Website Planning
Website Planning

Here we identify the business objectives and consequently formulate an effective approach to validate the brand image and business purposes

Website Content Creation
Website Content

In the 21st Century digital marketplace, content is the King! So, we pen down the words that would be effective in getting the business leads and formulating the brand image in a constructive and creative way.

Website Design Creation
Website Design

The qualified and industry-leader web designing experts in Fastinfo Hub integrate the modern web design methods to keep the customers engaged, and willing to purchase or to be connected. In the mobile-friendly era, we also focus on the responsive features.

thums up Website Maintenance Services
Website Maintenance

The web development process does not end completely with the launching process. To be present in the digital sphere effectively and keeping the website alive with all its functionalities and applications, regular developments and maintenance are required from the qualified and experienced developers. Thus, in the way of keeping the proper workflow and outcome for a website, Fastinfo Hub provides the needful assistance at the fingertips of the business entities and individuals.

Website Content Testing
Website Creation with Testing

In the website construction part, it involved converting the content, elements, and designs into coding languages comparable to certain guidelines and functionalities. Here, Fastinfo Hub offers the complete website components like functionality, interface, analytics and the front-end elements like Content, Meta Tags following a comprehensive testing and evaluation procedure.

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Rajesh Kewat Conferred with Businessman of the Year Award at Brands Impact NFA 2022

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State of the Art Branding

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Creative Content Creation

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Web Development

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UI Design

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UX Design

Web Design Services

Web Design

Web Design Services

Web Design

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

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SEO services

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Attractive color combinations

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Relevant images & icons

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  • SEO Strategy & Optimization
  • SMS Gateway
  • Email Configuration
  • Payment Gateway
  • Web Hosting
  • Android / iOS App Development
  • Hourly Assigned Dedicated Developers
  • Business Backend Solutions with Employee / Leave / Attendance Portal
  • Crafted Admin / Super Admin Panel
  • Professional Technological Aid
  • Digital Marketing Service
  • Ready-to-use Software
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These are the two major types of website as per their crafting, functionality and appearance. A static website is prepared with the coded HTML where each and every webpage is distinctive and does not have any database or external file sources to depend on. On the other hand, a dynamic website is built upon the complex codes like ASP or PHP backed by effective functionality and integrated adaptability feature from the databases. Fastinfo Hub would provide the best-in-industry website as per your business requirements.

Definitely! The way Fastinfo Hub crafts a website with simple user-friendly features like URLs, properly augmented content, the sites would be beneficial from SEO perspective. Our developers also make sure the seamless browsing experience with effective speed, responsiveness and many other things.

Yes! Fastinfo Hub is known for its 360° digital business compliances which includes the online marketing aids too. Besides the web development procedure, our in-house digital marketing panel provides the effective outfits for the online business ventures to grow effectively with confidence in the contemporary marketplace.

Surely we can do that! As per the working structure of Fastinfo Hub, the cost of your website depends on the special requirements, functionalities, number of pages, and the complexity within it. Before initiating your project, Fastinfo Hub would discuss with you thoroughly to conduct your project within the relevant budget.

Absolutely! The web development service of Fastinfo Hub does not end with the final project submission. For any issue or problem you might have related to this would be properly initiated and solved by the web developers of Fastinfo Hub even once the project is completed from our end.

CMS or Content Management System is basically a software package that helps to keep up with the maintenance of Content and to make the websites much easier to operate. In case you are having a website with multiple users and roles, the CMS is highly recommended for you.

It is a modern web development technique that actually has been evolved with the growing mobile users in the recent days. Google, the forerunner in the 21st century IT and web world, has initiated the Mobile-First strategy to be in track of the growing mobile users from every corner of the world. In this sort of websites, the designs are minimal, clean and easy to access from the smaller screens.

Our team of various expertise utilizes the modern and effective techniques to craft your website with a complete team effort and coordination. The panel contains the expertise of:

  • Web Designer
  • HTML/PHP Coder
  • Programmer/Web Develper
  • Content/Copy Writer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Art Director

In Fastinfo Hub, the pricing of the website design and development depends on the specific requirements and functionalities you would need. Apart from these, the cost would be varied on the specific services you would require with your website development like content writing, graphics, and functionalities.

In Fastinfo Hub, we follow the strict deadlines for completion of the projects. For a page 10 page Static Website the timeline counts like:

  • 7 Days for Home Page Creation/Approval Presentation
  • 7 Days for Designing the pages from the date of approval
  • 10 Days for the Inner Pages layout, CSS, DIV based coding, Programming and Integration, Testing, Debugging and Development

With this, we will produce and accommodate the urgent assignments wherever required.

Not really! Being a DPIIT, Govt. of India certified IT service provider, Fastinfo Hub always makes an effort to reach out to every corner of the nation in order to facilitate every budding ventures. Besides cooperating with the big organizations, our expert panel always guide the startups or the new entrepreneurs with our industry experience and applications.